Workforce of the Future

At the Georgia Institute of Technology we are not just planning for the future.  We are proactively and predictively preparing our people to be most effective in an ever-changing environment.  Forces of change are all around us, and we are initiating a variety of innovations, improvements, and transformations.  Preparing our institution for new work, new environments, and new talent is central to our Workforce of the Future initiative.

The Work

Advancing the Georgia Tech strategic plan has compelled us to innovate many of our approaches to delivering our teaching, research, and service mission. 

Trends in Work

The Workplace

The physical and environmental characteristics for where our work gets done will continue to evolve.  

Trends in the Workplace

The Talent

The capabilities, expectations, and attributes of the talent we need to get the new work done in new ways will adapt as well.  

Talent Opportunities


Activating Our Vision

Involvement from every area of campus is essential as we prepare for the workforce of the future. We have established an interdisciplinary, cross-campus team of highly talented, future thinkers to help us prioritize and sequence the actions we must take. The teams were initially organized according to our 5 vision areas.  As we have progressed in these conversations, we have found many overlapping ideas and are pursuing them as a cohesive team with a holistic view.



Our FiveVision Pillars

Cross Campus Collaboration

Technology-Enabled, Digitally-Fluent

Flexible in How and Where We Work

Inclusive of Diverse People and Perspectives

Knowledge Sharing and Talent Development